Yaz Lawyer

by kchatham on September 24, 2013

Yaz Lawyer WomanIf you have suffered from side effects from taking Yaz, you may want to talk with an experienced Yaz Lawyer to see if you have are entitled to compensation.  While there are some serious health risks associated with Yaz, the FDA has decided that in most cases, the benefits of the drug outweigh those risks and that the drug should stay on the market.  However, there are many (including the FDA) who feel that the warning labels for Yaz were misleading or played down some of the potential risks.  As a result, several Yaz lawsuits have been filed claiming that Bayer, the manufacturers of Yaz, intentionally mislead consumers by neglecting to fully disclose all of the harmful risks in their labeling and marketing of the drug or that Bayer failed to adequately test Yaz before putting it on the market. Currently, all Yaz litigation has been consolidated into a multidistrict litigation in Illinois.

If you have suffered from any of the Yaz side effects, particularly if you have suffered from Blood Clots as a result of taking Yaz, you may be entitled to compensation.  First and foremost, you will want to talk to a medical professional to make sure that you aware of all your options.  But, you will also want to speak with an experienced Yaz attorney to make sure that you protect all your legal rights.  A good lawyer will make sure that you document your situation accurately so that, should you choose to file a claim, you will have sufficient evidence to create a strong case.  This will help to ensure that you get all the compensation you are due, if you were harmed by taking the drug.

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